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Premier wins best customer care award

Let’s back track to a few weeks ago when I set out to write “The Business Excellence Awards and Why you should care” blog…

Steve and I were discussing Premier’s nominations in the “Customer care & service” and Jamie’s nomination in the “Outstanding business person” categories. I wanted to understand how the awards were judged and how could an independent examiner determine whether Premier were better than anyone else at “Customer care & service”. Steve has been an examiner before and broke down the process for me (you can read more about this here). It basically boiled down to Premier’s answers to some questions and a few case studies. It was at this point, Steve flippantly suggested that Premier will definitely win it. He was serious.

How did he know?

Well, to start with, last time Premier entered, they won.

That’s a good indication that it could be done again, but not enough to make us a sure bet.

2010 award photo

Steve explained how he has worked with many, many companies in a previous job role and he was adamant that Premier far exceeded any business he had ever come across with regards to the focus that is given into delivering the ultimate customer experience. This is what led us to coin the term “Customer Bliss”.

How many companies have you interacted with that are not just content with hitting satisfactory customer experience targets – but creating their own unique set of markers. Defining a new way of looking at the customer / business relationship. A symbiotic relationship where the business is as invested in their customer’s success as they are, their own.

Premier girls

On Friday 25th October, we assembled a selection of our Premier Family for the glamorous, black-tie ceremony, to be held at Hylands House. Suited, booted, freshly shaved and smelling divine we quaffed our way through the champagne reception and cleared our plates for each one of the delicious three courses. It was an evening of high spirits and we enjoyed getting to meet some of the other companies nominated for awards. We did our best to keep things cool as the other awards were announced and the winners came and went. Then it was time for our award to be presented, there was a tangible build up of nervous tension and then as time slowed down and a super sharp clarity took over, we heard our name announced! It was at this moment that any cool exterior we had previously portrayed gave way to sheer joy!

stacey wins

A massive congratulations to the incredible and dedicated staff at Premier, every single one of them took the mission of providing customer bliss to heart and worked ceaselessly to ensure that it was at the core of everything they did.

jamie wins

A hat tip to Jamie Marshall for his “Outstanding business person” award. When questioned on the night about his feelings on winning this award Jamie said “This is amazing. It’s not just about me though, it’s about the whole team – they deserve it more than me. Everyone works really hard and I’m so lucky to have such a fantastic team. Winning this award is only the start for Premier Print and Promotions, watch this space.”

Having spoken further with Jamie, it is clear that regardless of winning awards or gaining recognition, Premier’s approach remains the same. Whether it’s caring about the staff, their happiness and helping them to succeed with their own goals or ensuring our suppliers benefit where possible. Premier has focused on delivering these high standards for the last 20 years and are paving the way for the next 20!

awards images

Charlotte Kirby

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