10 Best Ever Diary Designs

The classic promotional gift for clients and associates, diaries are a daily reminder of your organisation throughout the year. But, as these fabulous diary designs show below, there’s much more you can do with these promotional tools when you get creative with the concept.


Moleskin and Coca-Cola teamed up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic Coke bottle with a limited edition series of designer diaries/notebooks.

Diary designs by Coca-Cola and Moleskin

Image Credit: Moleskine

DAYZ Diary

Combining a functional design with innovative features, DAYZ is a pocket planner, calendar and diary rolled into one.

DAYZ diary

DAYZ calendar

DAYZ planner

Images Credit: Magdalena Thur and Michael Augsten

Design Diary

Libby Tsoi, a design student at the Central Saint Martins college in London, describes her Design Diary as a paper friend to help you organise your projects and stay focused on your progress. We particularly like the addition of the sticker bank for rewarding a task well done.

Design Diary cover

Design Diary sticker bank

Images Credit: Libby Tsoi

Madrid Daily Desk Diary

Premier’s own range of high quality Madrid diaries can be foil blocked on the front cover with your organisation’s logo and design.

Premier Madrid daily desk diary cover

Premier Madrid daily desk diary inside pages

Images Credit: Premier Print & Promotions

Perpetual Disappointments Diary

The creative partnership of writer Nick Ashbury and designer Sue Ashbury produced this quirky appointments diary, featuring demotivational proverbs, notable deaths and contact pages for people who never call.

Perpetual Disappointments diary cover

Perpetual Disappointments diary inside pages

Images Credit: Asbury & Asbury

River Song Diary

Based on the Tardis, Doctor Who’s time and space machine, this diary is handmade in Russia using paper, cardboard, cloth and acrylic paints. Sandpaper is carefully applied to create the diary’s scuffed, slightly aged appearance.

Doctor Who Tardis diary design

Image Credit: LRs Workshop

Spitalfields Housing Association Diary

Featuring a debossed ‘rubber-feel’ cover and imagery commissioned by a local photographer, this diary was a branding project for the Spitalfields Housing Association by London graphic designer King Yiu.

Spitalfields Housing Association diary cover

Spitalfields Housing Association diary inside pages

Images Credit: King Yiu

Spritzer Diary

This wiro-bound diary by Malaysian mineral water company Spritzer employs a picture book design style to show how their bottled water products can help contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Spritzer wiro-bound diary cover

Spritzer wiro-bound diary inside pages

Images Credit: Chin

Travel Diary

Thanks to the inspirational pages of Elisa Gilis’ Travel Diary, you would never be stuck for activity ideas during a trip abroad! It’s all part of her branding concept for an ice hotel, which also includes stationery, restaurant menus, takeaway coffee mugs and a full line of cosmetics.

Travel Diary cover

Travel Diary inside pages

Images Credit: Elisa Gilis

Twitter Diary Book

A blend of traditional printing and social media, Austrian graphic designer Stefan Joch has recreated a year’s worth of his Twitter posts into this book. The diary’s black & white photos are intentionally low res to remind people of their 72dpi screen resolution digital originals. Every page is printed on recycled paper.

Twitter diary book cover

Twitter diary book inside pages

Images Credit: Stefan Joch

Important Date For Your Diary…

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